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January 05 2014

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December 30 2013

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December 21 2013

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September 04 2013

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September 02 2013

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August 10 2013

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July 30 2013

A 97 year old legally blind man creates amazing pixel art work by just using Microsoft Paint









He is now known as The Pixel Painter.


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My taste in music ranges from “you need to listen to this” to “I know, please don’t judge me.”

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Artist Michael D’Antuono is certainly no stranger to controversy. His latest painting, “The Conservative Christ,” will likely frustrate conservative Christians, particularly because of how it depicts their views on issues like guns and poverty. TheBlaze spoke with D’Antuono today about his newest work to learn more about its meaning and what motivated him to create it.

In the painting, Jesus Christ is seen holding an AK-47 high in the air, as he simultaneously hugs a pot of gold, snuggling it close to his body. The Christian savior appears to be grimacing at a beggar who is on his knees, clearly in need of assistance (the man is raising his hand to Jesus and is wearing a rainbow wrist band).

This, in the artist’s view, is the conservative version of Christ: Uncaring, holding onto wealth and raising a firearm to the skies.

In essence, the purpose of the painting is, as described in a press release, to suggest “that the conservative positions the Religious Right supports are contrary to Christ’s teachings.”

-- Billy Hallowell, TheBlaze

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Studies suggest that under high enough pressures methane can form into diamond. Although such conditions do not occur on Earth, the theory has been tested under artificial conditions and found to be true. If this occurs on Neptune and Uranus, which have strong pressures and large amounts of free methane, then it would cause diamonds to rain down through the atmosphere towards their cores. This would also account for unusual heat signatures emitted by these planets.”~IFuckingLoveScience

Read more | UCBerkeley study from 1999

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best halloween costume EVER!!!

July 28 2013

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Masonic ritual altar relic, hindged, lined with red velvet, and including bone handled sacrificial dagger
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July 27 2013

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